Aviso de Privacidad

SSD Plasticos Mexicana, S.A . de C.V. ( en lo sucesivo el responsable y/o SSD ) con domicilio ubicado en carretera Libre Tijuana-Tecate No. 22001, Parque Industrial El Realito, Tijuana, Baja California, suscribe el presente Aviso de privacidad en cumplimiento con la Ley Federal de Protección de Datos Personales en posesión de los particulares ( en lo sucesivo “La Ley”).


Los datos personales que usted (en lo sucesivo “El TITULAR”) a proporcionado directamente a SSD, han sido recabados y serán tratados bajo los principios de confidencialidad y responsabilidad dispuestos en la Ley.



All actions been carried by the company are set up in a programatic plan that guarantees that the environmental policies will be apply and implemented in a correct manner and under the times required by the laws and regulations.


Comply with the rules and regulations related to industrial safety and hygiene assures that the system implemented for environmental administration ( EMS ) about the product, is in compliance with the actual laws and regulations.


The employees of the company as well as other interested parties, must understand the program for industrial safety and environmental control, therefore we will maintain a continuous education about the rules and norms that all must comply, in order to reduce the risks implied in the industrial activity of this company


We compromise to maintain in all implemented systems , the necessary rules required to assure that the processes, tasks and visions of the company, been maintain in a continuous state of improvement.

We recognize the importance to maintain an environmental policy accordingly with the actual needs, that is way we implement EMS, which is well understand for everybody and been applied in an efficient way in general and for the benefit of the community.


April 2013

Young Jin Lee